Brand Personality

Aetherial fuses untamed creativity with fine jewelry craftsmanship. Every year, we spotlight a fresh roster of undiscovered jewelry designers from around the globe, new artists unafraid to push boundaries and redefine style. Their audacious designs keep our collections distinctive, vibrant, and relentlessly stylish; in exchange, we give them a global platform to present their talent to the world.
We view fashion as an intimate canvas for self-expression. Our meticulously curated pieces harmonize perfectly delicate beauty with unapologetic sophistication, seeking to become elements of your unique poise and effortless allure. The right piece of our jewelry will elevate your look and uplift your spirit.

Our Purpose

Elevate the human spirit through beauty.

Our Story

Amidst the lights of New York, aetherial was conceived from the shared dreams of founders Rodrigo and Gaby, an engineer and a psychologist, dreamers at heart who yearned for more than their ordinary corporate life. While living in Mexico as ex-pats, they were captivated by its rich culture, art, and fashion, particularly jewelry, where they found a fascinating fusion of the three. Their vision solidified upon relocating to New York —the world’s fashion epicenter.

Faced with the rational path of continuing their corporate journey, they chose to chase their dream. With a leap of faith, their life savings, and unwavering belief in the power of beauty, they built aetherial. Today, aetherial is more than a luxury brand—it's the realization of that dream, a celebration of fashion and life, a platform for new artists, and a beacon of bold aesthetics in fine jewelry.

Design Selection Process

Our unique business model sets us apart—we don't have fixed in-house designers. Instead, we embark annually on a global quest for fresh talent and extraordinary craftsmanship in fine jewelry.

Our team, an eclectic blend of fashion designers, stylists, and personal image specialists, seeks out emerging jewelry designers. Their aim: to find those whose innovative designs echo our brand's spirit and aesthetic principles. In this journey, we champion budding artists and stay ahead of fashion trends while upholding aetherial's essence.

Every year, we refresh our line with bold, daring perspectives that challenge and redefine the conventional boundaries of fine jewelry.

Our Values


The intrinsic, timeless, universal beauty and high quality of our pieces form the bedrock of aetherial.


We champion the unsung geniuses and undiscovered stars of design, fueling the untamed creativity and rich diversity that Aetherial represents.


We believe everyone at aetherial is an artist in their own right, therefore, worthy of genuine respect and care. We cultivate an environment that nurtures this belief


Our reputation is invaluable. We'll protect it fiercely, always choosing to do what's right. If we choose between losing money or reputation, we choose to lose money.